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Boer War 1899-1902 

Surnames U V Y

These pages are a memorial to the 34 Tasmanians who lost their life in the Boer War. As part of the British Empire, Government of the day offered troops to fight the local farmers (or Boers) in South Africa. Tasmanians served mainly in mounted units, often known as “Mounted Rifles”, “Bushmen” or “Imperial Bushmen”.  They fought in both the British counter offensive of 1900 and in the long, weary guerrilla phases of the war lasting until 1902.

A full list of all Tasmanians who served in the following Contingents  MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES DECORATIONS AND ORDERS
1st (Tasmanian Mounted Infantry) 27th October 1899-7th December 1900 Lieutenant Colonel Watchorn Colonel Cameron C.B.
1st (Tasmanian Mounted Infantry) Reinforcements 18th January 1900-7 December 1900 Captain Adams Mercury” 31st. July 1902  Colonel Wallack C.B.
2nd (Tasmanian Bushmen) 5th March 1900-14th June 1901 Lieutenant Boyes Mercury” 31st. July 1902  Colonel Watchorn C.B.
3rd (First Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen) 26th April 1900-5th August 1901 Lieutenant McCormick Mercury” 31st. July 1902  DECORATION
4th (Second Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen) 27th March 1901-25th June 1902 Lieutenant Richardson Mercury” 31st. July 1902  Major R.C.Lewis D.S.O.
1st. Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Tas) 16th February 1902-9th August 1902 Transport Sgt Coombe Mercury” 31st. July 1902  Captain A. Riggall D.S.O.
3rd Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Tas) 8th April 1902-9th August 1902 Sergeant James Murphy Mercury” 31st. July 1902  Lieutenant R. Perkins D.S.O.
8th Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Tas) 21st May 1902-28th July 1902 Sergeant Kemsley Mercury” 31st. July 1902  Lieutenant G.E.Wylly V.C.
  Trooper Cawthorn  Mercury” 31st. July 1902  Lieutenant J. H. Bisdee V.C.
    Sergeant Major Costello D.C.M.
    Trooper Clark D.C.M.
    Trooper Groom D.C.M.

# Honours and Awards          Name  Died on Service

UMFREVILLE, Gilbert Fraser

Rank Private

Service Number No 361

8 Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Tas)

VAUGHAN, Oswald De Wit  

Rank Private

Service Number  No 81

1 (Tas) Contingent


Rank Private

Service Number  No 2079

 3 Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Tas)          

VINCE, Louis  

Rank Private

Service Number  No 2126

3 Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Tas)

VINCENT, Alfred Henry

Rank Private

Service Number  No 244

4 (2 Imperial Bushmen) Contingent

VINEY, Arthur Edward

Rank Trooper     

Service Number  No 104

3 (1 Tas Imperial) Contingent

YOUL, Thomas Arndel 

Rank Private

Service Number No 257

4 (2 Imperial Bushmen) Contingent















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