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Kanchanaburi War Cemetery Thailand


In 2010 I was fortunate enough to visit the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery in Thailand.

While I was there I took as may photos that time would allow of our Aussie troops plaques.

I am intending on going back next year so as I can spend as much time I need to capture our Aussie troops as I know there would be a lot of people that may never get there and never see their family's plaque.

So hopefully in the near future I will have added every Australian plaque to this website.







Anderson R C Davidson T Hadkins A G MacMahon I M Ralston H S E
Archer C J Davies D J Haiser G F Madsen R C Reed J
Atwill J E D Davis R Hales F C Mantle A N Reed R R
  de Courcey R L Halls G W Marriage C Richardson C E


de Gruchy C Hardstaff T J Matthews J R J Riddell A McK
Back A H Dearden G F Heaney L W McGrath E P Riggs Robert Wilfroy
Bauer L M Death W F Heppell C L McLean H N Russell C J
Beatty G A Dee M J Holmes W J McLennan C I  
Behan K H Donovan M R Hood J C McMillan W


Blythman H   Hoppe V T McVitty W J Salter J L
Bradley B W


Hutchings W L Meech F W Saunders G F
Brown A K Edgar F F   Morrison R K Scaddan H W
Browne J A Edols T M


  Schumacher E
Bryan P F   Jaensch L


Sheldrick R
Burn A G


  Nancarrow J H Shepherd Andrew Jacob
Burt J P Fairbrother J B


Nelson Alan Horatio Slater A
Byrne H E S Farnsworth R G King E H Niven D F Smith R A
  Fitzpatrick T R Kinnane J F   Smith T L


Fleming A C  


Stephens E C
Campbell D P Fletcher J


Oag W D Stoker R S
Campbell W E Fraser A S Lee-Steere F O'Bryan J K  
Carey O M Fromen C A E Leishman G C Oddy V L


Carter R C   Lenehan C M Ormston W J Thomas G J
Colgan H K


    Tutton G
Collett R E Galvin S T  


Collins H G A Gapes L C   Pearson J E


Conlon M Gough R K   Peck H H Walker J F
Conroy J C Graham R C   Pennington Leslie James Ward J E
Coombe Allan John Grenda S G   Philip W H West R P
Cooper C D F Grey Laurie   Pollett J S Woolard S
Cooper H M     Porter A Wright H E
Cunningham J E     Poyser L  
      Procter H R


        Yensch F B











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