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World War 11 Casualties


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Grundy Maxwell Charles


Born 30 June 1921 Huonville Tasmania to Hubert James and Ivy Sylvia Grundy (nee Blake) he became a prisoner of war following the Japanese invasion of Rabaul on the 23rd January 1942. 

On the 22nd June 1942 he was taken on board the Montevideo Maru for transportation to Japan.  Nine days later, on its way to Hainan Island, it was torpedoed and sunk by the American submarine “Sturgeon”  

It wasn’t until late 1945 that families of these POW’s were notified of their deaths.

Gnr M. C. Grundy, son of Mr and Mrs H. J. Grundy, Waterworks Rd., Hobart; believed  died while prisoner after July 1, 1942.




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