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Hobart War Cemetery

Cornelian Bay

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Abbott D C Wall9 RowB Albertson F J Wall 23 Row A Anderson B K Wall 18 Row D Ansell T W Wall 25 Row C Artis G L Wall 14 Row F
Abbott G F Wall9 RowB Alderdice W H Wall 23 Row D Anderson E E Wall 10 Row B Appeldorff P W Wall 9 Row G Ashlin D G Wall 6 Row B
Abbott I D L Wall11Row E Alderton H D Wall 2 Row G Anderson E G Wall 1 Row B Appleby A W Wall 15 Row B Askew E P Wall 2 Row D
Abel G H Wall14Row D Alexander D L Wall 1 Row C Anderson F Wall 9 Row D Appleyard E Wall 13 Row D Askey C B Wall 6 Row B
Abel R G Wall8 RowF Alexander K Wall 20 Row D Anderson G M Wall 6 Row H Appleyard B C Wall 9 Row E Aspinall W A Wall13 RowG
Abel W T Wall5 RowA Alexander R McK Wall20 RowE Anderson J Wall 9 Row C Apter G R Wall 9 Row A Atkin M J Wall 19 Row C
Abrahams D A J Wall14 RowE Alexander W Wall 7 Row H Anderson S H Wall 8 Row F Archbold J T Wall 2 Row D Atkins C N Wall 5 Row A
Absolom J S Wall18 RowB Alford T J Wall 25 Row F Anderson V Wall 8 Row E Archer F D Wall 18 Row E Atkinson E H Wall 1 Row C
Absolom W C Wall17 RowG Allanby D H Wall 3 Row J Anderwartha K G Wall15 RowB Archer P E Wall 13 Row C Atkinson J B Wall 11 Row B
Ackerley J Wall6 RowG Allen A M Wall 3 Row A Andrew B C Wall 1 Row D Argee A J Wall 8 Row A Atkinson J B Wall 18 Row A
Adams A J Wall6 RowF Allen H Wall 5 Row D Andrews A F Wall 16 Row F Arkless G Wall 13 Row A Atkinson R Wall 6 Row H
Adams E R Wall20 RowD Allen L I Wall 8 Row A Andrews E E Wall 9 Row B Armitage W J M Wall10 RowB Atkinson T A S Wall23 RowA
Adams J T Wall3 RowG Allen L Wall 18 Row D Andrews M J Wall 25 Row C Armstrong C R Wall 5 Row F Auchincloss B L Wall24 RowG
Adams S R Wall5 RowF Allen P J Wall 18 Row B Andrews R E Wall 20 Row E Armstrong J R Wall 5 Row A Aulich R E Wall 16 Row E
Adderton M J Wall24 RowB Allen T A Wall 10 Row B Andrews R L Wall 23 Row E Armstrong J V Wall 13 Row E Austin K E Wall 11 Row F
Aherne F A J Wall12 RowH Allerton J Wall 15 Row A Annells J E Wall 4 Row D Armstrong L A Wall 4 Row A Ayers A C Wall 10 Row C
Aiken M J Wall 21 Row G Allie R S Wall 18 Row C Anning A D Wall 13 Row D Arnol E D G Wall 17 Row A Ayers A H Wall 9 Row A
Ainsworth J N Wall 14 Row F Allikas T Wall 11 Row B Anning G K Wall 14 Row B Arnold A A Wall 2 Row B Ayers A R Wall 11 Row E
Aitchison A B Z Wall 2 Row D Allwright R G Wall 14 Row B Anning H I Wall 11 Row C Arnold D A Wall 3 Row E Ayers L Wall 2 Row E
Aitchison B E Wall 13 Row F Almond A A Wall 1 Row C Anning V D Wall 18 Row C Arnott A J Wall 20 Row A Aylett K C Wall 9 Row B
Aitchison R R Wall 14 Row E Amott R T Wall 11 Row F Anning W R Wall 13 Row B    
Aitken R M Wall 8 Row F Anders S R Wall 2 Row E Anowsky F K Wall 3 Row D    
Aitken S G Wall 11 Row C Anderson B H Wall 10 Row G Anowsky M R Wall 16 Row G    

Lawn Cemetery

Cornelian Bay










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