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Tasmanian World War 11 Casualties

Surnames A

  Service Number Death Date Place of Death Cause of Death Burial Photo
Absolom, Gordon TX8281 23/10/1943 While POW Siam illness, dysentry & beri beri

Takanoon Cemetery

Grave only
Absolom, John Francis ON21552  20/11/1941  HMAS Sydney Presumed Killed in Action   no
Aikman, Mervyn George TX5334 24/06/1944 torpedoed Jap transport Drowned   yes
Aitken, Nimmo Thomas


  AGH Campbell Town Acute Leukemia Launceston War Memorial yes
Aiken, Thomas Arthur


12/09/1944 torpedoed Jap transport Died at sea   no
Alcock, John Edward 408056 1/10/1942 Timor Flying Battle Northern Territory yes
Alexander, George Arthur TX4341 19/01/1942 Malaya Killed in action Singapore Mil Cemetery yes
Alexander, Norris Henry TX3276 12/07/1943 Thailand Cholera whilst POW Kanchanburi Cemetery Thailand Grave only
Allen, Leslie TX3633 24/06/1944 torpedoing Jap transport Drowned   no
Allen, Lindsay Leyton T36517 22/06/1941 Australia Died from injuries Cornelian Bay Cemetery Memorial Plaque
Allie Norman Ronald NX48419 12 June 1945   prisoner of the Japanese   yes
Amott, Charles John TP6671 25/10/1940 Bellerive Hospital     no
Anderson, Reginald George TX5218 1/07/1942 Torpedoed "Montevideo Maru Presumed drowned   no
Anderson, Robert William TX3305 21/02/1942 Trying to escape to Aus Presumed dead   no
Andrew, Lance Lorimer 408203 12/07/1941 Mt. Gambier Flying Accident Cheltenham General Cemetery yes
Andrew Basil John


  Egypt illness British War Memorial Alexandria yes
Andrews Douglas William NX95066 24/11/1942 Australia   Toowong Cemetery Queensland no
Andrews, George TX5905 10/05/1945 Sumatra Died whilst POW Cemetery Camp yes
Anton Leonard James A/B23868 1/03/1942 HMAS Perth (missing loss of ship Death presumed see Auton, Leonard James yes
Annells, Harold P Stanfield 408008 5/11/1942 Middle East Flying Battle El Alamein War Cemetery no
Archer, Alan Henty



AGH Campbell Town Died of illness Launceston War Cemetery no
Archer, William Alfred TX1178 1/05/1943 Australia Died from injuries Kingaroy Military Cemetery no
Armstrong, James Hubert TX3283 16/06/1943 Timor Executed by Japanese Campbell Town Cemetery no
Armstrong, Maxwell James T37383 8/10/1942 Australia Died from injuries   no
Arnol, George Douglas TX8396 5/07/1943 Thailand Acute enteritis Kanchanburi Cemetery Thailand yes
Arnold, Wason Herbert W TX3042 4/06/1944 torpedoing Jap transport Drowned   yes
Ashlin, Charles Bryon A/B H/1435 1/03/1942 HMAS Perth (missing loss of ship) Death presumed   yes
Ashman, Geoffrey TX3184 24/06/1944 torpedoing Jap transport Drowned   yes
Atkins, Lindsay Raymond TX739 29/03/1941 Middle East Died from wounds Benghasi Mil Cemetery yes
Atkins, Ronald TX3025 8/08/1943 POW Thailand Malaria Kanchanburi Cemetery Thailand grave only
Atkinson, Phyllis Mary 92242 2/09/1946 Hobart Tasmania died of injuries Tasmanian War Cemetery grave only
Atkinson, Trevor Maitland T16493 17/01/1943 Campbell Town Died from illness Tasmania War Memorial Cemetery grave only
Auton Leonard James 23868 1/03/1942 HMAS Perth Lost at Sea   yes
Ayton, Arthur Clement J TX5862 15/02/1945 POW Borneo Beri Beri & heart failure   yes



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